Slim Outdoor Furniture’s Patented Process.

Slim was envisioned by our Founder Mike while he moved furniture working his way through design school. Day in and day out Mike had to tell people “that ain’t going up there” while he worked to create something entirely new for the industry.  It’s Slim Furniture and because it can change and adapt to any environment, you can arrange and rearrange forever.

  • Our patented outdoor system is built of higher quality materials than furniture twice as expensive.

  • Slim outdoor furniture can be setup and broken down by anyone to store or move easily.

  • Remove and change covers easily.

  • All of our slip covers are machine washable. Kid friendly, mother approved.

  • Storage is built in under every seat.

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We do what no other outdoor furniture can at half the price.

Built In Storage

  • All of our furniture has been designed with built in storage under the seat. All of them.

  • Simply lift the cushions, grab the handle on top of the seat panel and de-clutter your outdoors. No more random water filled candles.

  • Since each piece has built in storage, as your set grows so does your storage. I’m telling you, storage under EVERY seat (the ottoman as well).


  • When it comes to outdoor furniture, Slim stands on top. Once assembled, each unit can take 400 lbs+.

  • Our patented assembly system makes Slim exceptionally strong, durable, and tilt-free.

  • Our UV stabilized high grade webbing is hand woven to guarantee the longevity.

  • High strength powder coated aluminum beat our competition in longevity and price every time.

  • Our patented assembly system means that each piece has its own frame making it extremely strong.


  • Our furniture has the ability to move in any vehicle, up any staircase, onto any patio or deck.

  • Slim can store anywhere. No more expensive covers that don’t last.

  • Store your furniture in a deck box or in multiple small areas around your home or apartment.

  • A love seat, club chair, and ottoman can easily fit in a travel trailer or in the belly of a motor coach.

No Tools

  • Slim furniture uses absolutely no hardware. Slim assembles and disassembles solely with what comes with the furniture.

  • Our patented system used two straps per piece that are guaranteed for life.

  • No little nuts or bolts, no missing screws, and no hassle.