Slim Indoor Furniture’s Patented Process.

Slim was envisioned by our Founder Mike while he moved furniture working his way through design school. Day in and day out Mike had to tell people “that ain’t going up there” while he worked to create something entirely new for the industry.  It’s Slim Furniture and because it can change and adapt to any environment, you can arrange and rearrange forever.

Slim is infinite in arrangements

  • Our patented base, sides, and all the bits (straps, springs, feet) are built of higher quality materials than furniture twice as expensive.

  • Individual pieces can be rearranged from one configuration to another in minutes.

  • Remove and change covers easily.

  • All of our slip covers are machine washable. Kid friendly, mother approved.

  • Storage is built in under every seat.

Keep scrolling to see how Slim is different from every other couch on the market.
We do what no other couch can at half the price.


  • Slim is made up of ottomans that can convert to arm-less chairs, ends and arm chairs which then easily configure to fit almost any environment of any size.

  • Use the same pieces and adjust them for any occasion—house parties, overnight guests, or netflix.

  • Our patented design system makes rearranging hassle-free and tool-free. Always.

  • Slim locks together firmly with a binding strap. We promise you’ll never have to worry about pieces sliding or separating.


  • All of our furniture has been designed with built in storage under the seat. All of them.

  • Simply lift the cushions, grab the strap on top of the spring panel and de-clutter your surroundings. We are decorative baskets worst enemy.

  • Since each piece has built in storage, as your set grows so does your storage. I’m telling you, storage under EVERY seat.


  • All of our furniture covers are machine washable. All of them.

  • Slim furniture is for the real world. We recognize that we live, sleep, eat, and spill all over our furniture.

  • Just peel off the stain resistant covers and toss them into the nearest washing machine.

  • While that load is going you can wipe down every panel including the base so you can get back to your nice clean life.

  • Slim covers are all hand-sewn and only use materials that will ensure durability and a soft feel after multiple washes.


  • When it comes to modular furniture, Slim stands on top. Once assembled, each unit can take 400 lbs+.

  • Our patented assembly system makes Slim exceptionally strong, durable, and tilt-free.

  • Sinuous steel springs and high grade webbing are stretched across seat panels to guarantee the longevity.

  • Solid wood, steel, and high resiliency foam beat our competition every time.

  • Our steel Arm and Back rails are interchangeable and extremely strong.


  • Slim furniture comes in two sizes: The i36 at 36″x 36″ square and the i26 at  26″x 26″ square.

  • For living, family, or basements the i36 size will help you turn that area into exactly what you want both in terms of comfort and look.

  • For playrooms, bedrooms, or sitting rooms the i26 size will help you maximize your area and make it become exactly what you wish it to be.

  • No matter how you get into these spaces, tight staircases or small doorways, the i36 and the i26 will always fit.


  • Covers are easy to remove and change. Plus, they are a great price.

  • Try a new color or fabric for different seasons and occasions. You can even change one seat or just the arms to get a unique look.

  • All of our covers are form fitted with zippers. They will always keep a tight, flawless, professional look.

  • Dogs and kids living together, mass hysteria! You can replace a single cover instead of the entire set or couch.


  • Slims patented system makes expanding a breeze.

  • Go from a seat for two to family reunion seating in minutes. No tools ever.

  • Budget conscious? Slim makes it so you can always expand down the road through conversion kits or individual units.

  • Upgrading your space? Slim moves in any vehicle and when you’re ready, add to your existing setup to build something wild.

  • Slim is the furniture investment that is designed to expand affordably!