Comfortable, Functional, Portable, Customizable.

You should pay for your furniture material not corporate margin.

Slim Indoor Furniture Features:

Assembles/Disassembles without Tools.

Slim Furniture Built In Storage

Storage is Built into Every Piece.

Slim Washable Slip Covers

Machine Washable Covers.

Slim Comes in 2 Sizes

Available in a Size to Fit Any Space.

Slim is truly a furniture begging to be personalized.

From image panels, to LED lighting, to table tops, to adding your own built in storage Slim will be there to fit what ever you need and on a side note we will show you how we did it gratis!

Slim Outdoor Furniture Features:

Assembles/Disassembles without Tools.

Slim Outdoor storage in every Piece

Storage is Built into Every Piece.

Full Aluminum Frame.

Stores Anywhere.

Slim Furniture’s Patented Process.

The furniture industry has been slow to change, aside from adding new gimmicks and holiday sales. Slim was envisioned by our designer Mike while he moved furniture working his way through design school. Day in and day out Mike had to tell people “that ain’t going up there” while he worked to create something entirely new for the industry.  It’s Slim Furniture and because it can change and adapt to any environment, you’ll always have the space you envision.

Slim furniture can be moved by anyone,
into any space,
up any staircase or elevator,
and in anything.

30 Day in Home Trial

Try it in your home for 30 days risk free. If it doesn’t work out we will arrange to get it back to us on our dime. If you have a problem, we will fix it.

Our Process is Patented.

Mike, Slim’s designer, put enough thought into Slim that it has multiple patents. Patents aren’t unique to the furniture industry but patented furniture at a fair price is.

We Respect you by Respecting our materials

Furniture made from respectable materials should not be expensive. We make furniture that’s durable, comfortable and able to travel with you as you grow. Everyone has a story about crap furniture, it’s time for that to stop.

From the Press

“SLIM hopes to empower consumers by making the moving process about freedom vs. the fight”.

“Slim wants to systematically change furniture. Slim doesn’t do the same-old, same-old. Slim understands that people want furniture that’s fun and able to adjust itself to who they are — not the other way around.”

“A 9-foot Slim Furniture couch can quickly be broken down and packed into the back of a Volkswagen GTI. Slim knows they’re not just selling furniture. Slim sells empowerment.”